i call myself

me llamo

I desire to be known by several names.   

First, Shelby Grace– the name my momma gave me. Next, daughter of the greatest momma and daddy I could ever ask for. Then, sister to three incredible humans that I get to call siblings (and in-law!). Also, friend to whomever I am blessed to laugh, live, and love alongside of. Most recently, girlfriend, which gives me butterflies and nervous anxiety all at the same time. 

One day, I hope to be called beloved by the one with whom I’ll spend the rest of my days here on earth. I hope to hear momma as a child runs in my direction, needing a kiss on a boo-boo or praise for conquering a childish fear. I hope in about three years to be called nurse by the hurting and the sick and the wounded. Eventually, I’ll hear aunt and grandmother and sister-in-law. Maybe I’ll hear more names that I can’t even imagine yet. 

To what- or whom- do I owe this honor?


To be given a title, to be known and recognized- it’s all we really want. We want to be known, deep down in the marrow of our bone and cellar of our hearts.  

“Before you were formed, I knew you.”

He whispers, “I was there. I was inscribing into your DNA who you would be and to whom you would be. I knew you before it all began. Before they named you, before you called yourself anything, I saw you. And I called you.”

And what has he called us? 


“I’m no longer a slave to fear,                   I am a child of God.” 

Child is what he calls you. Mine is how he thinks of you. Friend is what he sings over you. Redeemed is how he looks at you. 

Very simply, we are H I S. 


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