dance a 1-2-3-4 with the babe and the big girl and pick them up by the finger tips and swing, swing, swing.

laugh and watch the smiles grow, the bellies shake, the glory fall.

behold the miracles taking place right before your eyes, right in your own home, right with your own people.

then lie still and snuggle her and let her curls tickle your nose. sing the Jesus song over and over until she falls asleep. then open your hands and worship as she slumbers and let her rest in the presence of God in that room.

the holy moments are the moments to savor. lie just still enough to take a snapshot with your mind and lock in the warmth, the heart, the beauty.

tape the memory to your bathroom mirror, the inside of your billfold, the frame of your computer screen.

hold on to the holy all day long and don’t let it go.

let every ground be holy ground.



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One response to “holy

  1. This is absolutely beautiful.
    As I read I feel the tug of something deep, calling me to recognise the sanctity of the moment.

    Thank you.


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