stay or change


The white and red stitched round blazing through diamond dust headed right for its leather home.

Curveballs start off at one height, one velocity, one direction. You see it, prepare for it, make adjustments to your position to make contact with it, and then it does what every good curveball does. It drops.

The thing about curveballs is you don’t know it’s a curveball till it’s, well, curved. Changed its direction, dropped a few inches, thrown you off your game. At that point there’s nothing you can do to change its direction or make it do what it seemed like it was doing before.

Once the curveball has revealed itself to be the curveball you were not expecting, you have a choice.
You can keep your position and go out swinging, maybe get lucky and tip it off.
Or, you can change positions, drop your chin, and go in a different direction.

You have less than a second to make that choice before the ball whizzes past and you miss your chance.

The difference between life and baseball, however, is that in life there is no 3 strike rule.
In baseball, you only have 3 chances, so the choice between staying or changing in the face of a curveball is monumental. It could be the difference of getting on base or going back to the dugout.

Life is different. Your count keeps climbing because you’ll never get out. No choice you make between good and better will ruin you. One might get you to your destination faster, but neither will knock you in the dust.

Stay or change. Although neither will ruin you, one could lead to new adventures you weren’t expecting. One could mean a base hit. The other could mean a home run. One is great. But both are good.

Instead of seeing curveballs as a scary choice, see it as an opportunity to change things up a little.
A chance to be great.

And if you miss it, it’s just another strike. Never a strikeout.

There are many more innings left.



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    Curveballs make life exciting.

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    The game changer – feeling just a little unsettled!

  4. First, this is an amazing quote. Fantastic description of taking chances! I will have to share this!

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  6. husnulamalia

    Awesome, I love it!

  7. husnulamalia

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    Awesome post, I love it.

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    love this!

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    Stay or change. Although neither will ruin you, one could lead to new adventures you weren’t expecting. One could mean a base hit. The other could mean a home run. One is great. But both are good.

  10. anonymousindian29

    Wow! Really loved it. I’m new here, and I love writing . So, I would love it If you could check out my articles.

  11. I love this. I don’t know if I’m in a weird mood or what, but this just about has me in tears, but in a good way. Thanks for sharing.

  12. So well said. A curve ball is a chance you would likely never have taken. It throws a twist in the game… but doesn’t that make it all more fun!

  13. I love the last line, so powerful; let me know what you think of my blog and my writing I’d really appreciate some feedback.

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    But then, I chose to fly

  15. Loved it! While one door closes another door opens.

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    very well written.

  17. marchesacolombi82

    I love this! Fantastic! Same feelings at the moment…

  18. I love how you take something that everyone can relate to and that everyone perceives as ordinary, and really draw a philosophical and real life lesson from it! Pretty cool!! Good job!

  19. Awesome advice. I am sometimes reluctant to change things up because of an unwillingness to let go of a good thing. Thanks!

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    Wonderful. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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    So glad you have more than 3 strikes in life.

  23. An inspirational piece of writing. Undoubtedly, if one door closes, another window opens somewhere else. Enjoyed reading. Thanks!

  24. I love this analogy…and thank God, in life there are more than 3 chances to swing and make a home run. Beautiful!

  25. In a culture ruled by the fear of ‘what if’, this kind of thinking, and a reminder like this, is invaluable.


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    Sometimes a blog comes a long that tells you what you need to hear!

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    Reblogged and commented: This came around at the perfect time! Thanks for the unintended karmic message!

  28. How true, and I should know. After almost seven decades my strike count is pretty high and have many more innings to go. 🙂

  29. Persego's Words

    I am sorry but in its simplicity I thought this post was version’s genius! Really great. Congrts

  30. I guess I’ll keep on looking for my pitch. Nice post

  31. hadalzonecafe

    Well done!

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