where the magic is

Life has tingly moments.

Take-your-breath-away sunsets and heart-pounding anticipation.
Tears-falling for joy and tears-falling for grief.
Seeing the fingers of God move and arrange the words of your story in this big world– it’s tingly.


But sometimes you wake up and it’s just a normal day. Not bad or good– just normal. You take your steps and drink your coffee and do your to-do, but nothing’s tingly. He’s not speaking loudly enough for you to hear and you don’t feel like He’s interested in anything you’re saying.

But you keep listening and talking because you know you should and sometimes you hear a whisper, a faint, “I love you,” as you do the normal.
But see, sometimes the quiet affirmations don’t seem quite enough and you wonder why is nothing tingly anymore?

When His Words are loud, your jaw drops. But only for a few moments.
And see, that’s the problem. Life is more than a few moments.

Life is millions of moments in one long continuum of time and space and we can’t live with our jaws on the ground.

So He says put Me in your heart, carry Me with you, and let’s do life together.


Ah, now that’s where the magic is.

Taking the steps together, drinking the coffee together, not living on tingly-spiritual-highs but by every word that comes from the mouth of God, which lives in your heart.

So move forward. If you can’t hear His voice, remember what He’s already told you. If you can’t feel His arms wrapped around you, remember that He’s holding your hand and helping you call the shots. If you don’t have many of those tingly-moments, remember that life if more than breathtaking sunsets and heart-pounding anticipation.

Life is made up of small forehead kisses, new experiences, an inside joke, laughing with friends over a bowl of pasta, and watching your siblings grow up right before your eyes, with a few sunsets thrown in.

Remember– He’s your best friend.
Best friends do have heartfelt conversations, but most of the time, they’re just doing life together.

That’s where the magic is.


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