Ten Things I Learned While Playing Mommy

This post is for pure enjoyment (probably on behalf of parents) .

This weekend I babysat two of my favorite gals ever in the world. This weekend I played mommy.


As I played mommy, I learned quite a few interesting things about being a parent. I’d like to share them with you, if you’d like to listen.

1. Showers are hard to take time for and you should take them whenever the opportunity presents itself. No matter the time.

2. When getting yourself + two young girls ready, begin 2-3 hours prior to scheduled departure time. The old jump-out-of-bed, slap-on-some-deodorant, and head-out-the-door-in-45-minutes thing without eating breakfast does not work anymore.

3. Speaking of departure time, you will not (I repeat NOT) get out of the door on time unless you pray first. Jesus stretches minutes like you wouldn’t believe and, trust me, you need those minutes stretched.

4. Girls cry about a lot of things. A lot of things. Their sister looked at them wrong? Cry. They’re bored? Cry. Can’t find their toothbrush? Cry. Haven’t cried in a while? Cry.
What calms this tearful outburst? More praying. Then some kind of sweet treat + a kiss on the forehead.

5. The 3 most important things about your children become (1) making sure they are bathed fairly regularly, (2) brushing their teeth (ideally) twice per day, and (3) feeding them at proper meal times. Being properly dressed with matching bows and a cute hairstyle is a close 4th.

6. When the children suggest an impromptu pillow fight upon waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, do not deny them. Morning tickles and giggles are more important than an extra ten minutes of sleep.

7. If the child you’re sleeping next to is a cover-hog or likes to kick them off therefore keeping you from pulling them onto yourself, you’re going to have a cold night. But it’s ok, because even with their nasty morning breath they are seriously the cutest things ever.

8. Keep a thermometer and children’s Motrin/Tylenol on hand at all times.

9. “My tummy hurts” is sketchy territory. On one hand, they could really have a tummy ache and making them finish dinner could have nasty consequences. On the other hand, it could be a ploy, but it’s just so hard to tell when they make that “I’m in severe paaaaiiiin” face. Proceed with caution and rely on the Holy Spirit.

10. Lastly, I learned that this is what I was meant to do.


While I was learning all of these things, it was also dance recital weekend (enter Jaws theme song). I’ve heard it called “hell week” by some parents, but it was actually pretty smooth sailing (remember, I prayed quite a bit).




All in all, I’d say this weekend was a success.
And I can’t wait until I get to do this for real.


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