my person

How does one go about writing a blogpost on the most incredible human being they’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and being raised by?

Here goes nothin’.



You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are loyal.
You are trustworthy.
You are forgiving.
You love very well.

You taught me to accept who I am and realize that God knows what he is doing even when you and I haven’t the slightest idea.
You taught me to keep going and push through and you told me that I’m capable of more than I realize. But you realize it.
You will always be my person. You will always be there.
You live and love by example and when someone gives you a nasty hurt, you put it to the side and tell them, “I love you anyway.” I want to do that too.

You love. Oh you love. You love so big sometimes it even hurts you a little bit, but you just keep loving.

When I look at you, I see what I want to be.
When my future children look at me, I want them to see parts of you.

It is incredible when someone is able to leave a legacy while still among the living.
And you, momma, have done just that. Your legacy, your heart, your dreams, your smiles, and your wisdom live in each of your babies.

I’m thankful for our morning coffee and KLG&H time.
I’m thankful I was taught many useful things by you, like world history, manners, and how to fold a fitted sheet properly.
I’m thankful for our pretend-cooking-show kitchen shenanigans.
I’m thankful that you’re teaching me how to be a woman of Christ.
And I’m really thankful you still (mostly) do my laundry.

I couldn’t be more proud or honored to be your Shelby Grace. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you!



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