It’s been a constant whisper.

Here’s today’s sheep.
Take care of today’s sheep.
Lead this sheep.


It’s been the battle cry of my heart.

Find the hurting sheep.
Show that sheep my love.
Spend your time with this sheep.


So I’ve been taking care of the sheep and I’ve been leading the sheep. But then the sun set and a new morning awoke and those sheep are not my sheep anymore.

The leading, it’s been a new adventure, and I do not say that lightly. Along side one of the most incredible women I know, I watched 16 girls take one step forward. One step towards grace. One step towards freedom.


An awesome experience is putting it lightly.

“But now what?” I ask of Him.

Don’t stop leading.

And I won’t stop leading. I won’t stop loving. I won’t stop shouting and pointing at His goodness. Everyone needs to know. All the sheep need to know.

And if even one more sheep hasn’t heard and seen and tasted, then I’ve still got to lead.

Because where the leading is, the living is not far behind.



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